My Story

I am a Yankee by birth and Southerner by choice. Currently, and I hope for forever, I live in Charleston, South Carolina with the most amazing family. Education has been my passion and one that I have been involved in for the past 25 years. I have played many different roles throughout those years, and all of those roles have helped shape me into the the educator that I am today.

After growing up outside of Chicago and attending Southern Illinois University as a full scholarship, collegiate swimmer, I moved south to start my life as a teacher. I graduated with a degree in Elementary Education with a specialization in English Literature. I met my current husband, Derek, my first year of teaching as he was the teacher next door and one of my grade level team members. Married a year later, I continued on my path as a teacher while he changed careers to the medical field.

As the years passed, my interest in education continued. I pursued my Masters in Education in Reading because of my passion for helping all students learn to read. I became certified as a Reading Diagnostician and Reading Specialist. I also became certified in Middle School Science because I was teaching seventh grade science at the time and in South Carolina, middle school teachers had to have a certification in that subject beyond the elementary education certification. By the time I finished my Master’s degree, my husband and I had two children, AJ and Ed.

My passion for learning grew and my desire to continue my education never wavered. Next step was a doctoral degree. My only problem was that there was no curriculum program available in South Carolina, so I found myself applying to Georgia Southern. I was admitted and began my pursuit by traveling often and working long hours. Thankfully, my family was understanding and supportive.

Throughout the years of pursuing my continued education, I taught school, mostly science, and in grades first through seventh. I held leadership roles, presented at conferences, and worked collaboratively with peers. I even was recognized for awards every now and again.

I have moved out of the classroom after 22 years and into more of a mentoring role as the Technology and Innovation Specialist for grades preK-12. My goal is to enhance the curriculum through integrating technology. Daily I work with students, teachers, faculty and staff where I get a chance to share my passion with others. I believe I have the best job in the world and I look forward to seeing where my educational goals take me next!



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