Dance Party with!

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There is nothing like the sound of music playing while kids are laughing, dancing and singing along! But the coolest part is that they are singing and dancing to the code that they wrote! Students in the fourth grade at Porter-Gaud School have TechTime built in their schedules each week. During this time, students can choose from a variety of activities that deal with coding and technology. Several students today decided it was time for a Dance Party with!

Dance Party is an Hour of Code program that consists of 13 different levels of drag and drop, blockly style coding. Students can choose different dancers, change the dance moves, make their characters respond to the music, and also make them interactive with other characters. The variables seem endless! In the program, students work within the Play Space, Toolbox and Workspace to create their dance masterpieces. They are given step by step directions, so if someone is new to coding, it is super easy to follow along.

The laughter and excitement in this fourth grade class is contagious! I think it is time for me to join in the dance party and create my own code!

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